Finish Strong with Susan Hyatt
A 2-day virtual conference dedicated to finishing the year strong.
October 1-2
Completely online!
THE EVENT of the year for coaches!
This two-day event will knock your socks off.
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Transform your mindset with inspiring topics like:

Hot trends in the coaching industry

How to stop dreading marketing and actually enjoy it

Developing your next signature program

Money Blocks: What’s stopping you from significantly increasing your income?

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“Get it done” —Finally nail your business plan, pitch emails, reach out to potential clients, and get important money generating tasks donezo.

There’s still time to smash your goals and end 2020 with amazing success!
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"If you've attended a Susan Hyatt event in the past, you know this woman goes ALL OUT for her guests. From surprise Beyoncé dance breaks (with a professional choreographer!!!) to chocolate truffles to thoughtful coaching exercises that ignite your mind, she NEVER holds anything back. It's always DELUXE to the max. You'll leave with a new vision of what's possible for your life."
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Alexandra Franzen
Author, Writing Coach
Profits, Plans, and Pride
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A plan to get more clients, make more money, and finish 2020 feeling strong. Make it your most profitable season of the year!
Settin' Up for Success
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An inspiring business plan + marketing plan + communication plan for 2020
Your Business: Next Level
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Fresh ideas on how to run your coaching practice more successfully, stay organized, motivated, and focused, and take things to a new level
Denise Duffield-Thomas
Bestselling author, mindset expert
Ericka Hines
Consultant, advisor, strategist, curriculum designer, senior trainer
Alex Franzen
Bestselling author and lead copywriter for Susan Hyatt | The Agency
Ticora Davis
Attorney, author, speaker, and "Purpose Activator"
Theresa Reed
Tarot Reader and Chief Executive Oracle at The Tarot Lady
Mako Ward
Professor at Arizona State University
Ana Mick
COO, Susan Hyatt, INC. and Susan Hyatt | The Agency
La Shell Wooten

LMSW, Healer, Helper, Human, Social-Emotional Educator, Life Coach,Author

All participants will receive a 2021 Go Time Planner by Susan Hyatt 🙌

(a $65 value)

Finish 2020 Strong
Total Cost: $97
The STRONG Level includes:
  • A 2021 It's Go Time Planner by Susan Hyatt (a $65 value)
  • A seat at the Thursday and Friday workshops from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CT
Level Up Your Experience
Total Cost: $497
The VIP Level includes:
  • Everything included in the STRONG Level PLUS:
  • A special journal, snail mailed to your home. *Orders within 5 days or less may arrive after the event.
  • Three additional sessions:
  • A *NEXT LEVEL COMMUNICATION PLAN* Workshop with Susan Hyatt on Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 12:00 PM CT (90 minutes)
  • An *AMPLIFY YOUR BUSINESS WITH DESIGN AND SOCIAL MEDIA* Workshop with Susan Hyatt, Holly Colvin, and Mallorie Cloum on Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 12:00 PM CT (90 minutes)
  • An *ADVANCED TIME MANAGEMENT* Training with Patti Rantapaa on Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 12:00 PM (60 minutes)
Limited spots are available, claim your throne, girl!

We give you everything you need to become an unstoppable sales machine.*

*Even if you think you hate sales, or think you’re not good at it!


Your host for FINISH STRONG is Susan Hyatt, a Master certified life and business coach.

She’s the author of BARE, host of The Rich Coach Club Podcast & Go Time TV, and creator of On the 6, a training program that helps you build your dream coaching practice and earn $100k-- minimum.

Susan has been featured on national TV and in magazines like O: The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and Woman’s World. She was a 2017 Finalist for the Athena Award, honoring her work in the field of women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Her #1 passion is helping women get more of whatever they crave—more clients, more money, more media coverage, more energy, or more free time to hit the beach or relax by the fireplace.

When she’s not working, Susan loves riding her Peloton bike, international traveling, weight lifting, and obsessively listening to Beyoncé.

Find all of Susan’s programs, books, podcast episodes, and videos at:

Q: Is Finish Strong for women only?

All genders are welcome! However, you can expect a crowd that’s about 95% women/female-identified people. It’s definitely a girl-power environment. 

Q: Finish Strong is a virtual conference. So, does that mean I’ll be sitting in front of my computer staring at a screen all day long? That sounds boring.

Finish Strong is a virtual conference, but it’s definitely not boring. 

We keep things interesting by bringing you a combination of training sessions (learn, take notes, get million-dollar ideas), co-working time (work on your plan, send emails, get things done), entertainment (dance breaks and even astrology!) and physical movement (yoga and more), too.

You definitely won’t be sitting all day long. 

Plus, we encourage you to take extra breaks whenever you need to. All sessions are recorded, so if you step away from the conference for awhile, you can watch the recordings and catch what you missed…later!

Q: What’s the cancellation/refund policy?

Once you buy a ticket, there are no refunds for any reason. Please double-check your calendar, make sure you can definitely come, and purchase mindfully. 

If you buy a ticket but then something unexpected happens and you can’t attend the event, you can give your ticket to a friend. They will be stoked! 

Q: I’m just starting out as an entrepreneur! I don’t even have a website yet! This is all new for me. Should I come to Finish Strong—or should I wait until I’m more established?

Come to Finish Strong! Now! Yes!

Having a website is great (highly recommended, for sure) but even without a site, you can start selling your services and making money right now. 

If you’ve got an email address + a PayPal account (or some other way to accept payments, like Square or Wave) then you’re good to go. 

Start selling your coaching services, consulting skills, tickets to your yoga/fitness retreat, or whatever you want to sell…right now! 

Seasoned entrepreneurs are welcome at Fill It. Newbies are equally welcome. We’d love to help you make that first $1K, $10K, or more!

Q: I really want to come to Finish Strong but the dates (October 1-2, 2020) don’t work for me! I am devastated! Noooo! Will this conference ever happen again?

Finish Strong is an annual event and traditionally hosted live. It is likely that this event will be hosted in-person in 2021.

But if you want to fill your program and get that money rollin’ in now…why on earth would you wait until October 2021? Carpe diem. Get a ticket and get that bread. Your bank account will say, “thank you.” Just sayin’. 

Q: I’m an introvert. I’m not into group activities. Will I be forced to mingle and talk to strangers?!

Hell no, boo! 

We want you to have a beautiful experience at Finish Strong—feel inspired, learn a ton, get work done, and of course, get those #deposits!

Whether you love socializing, or prefer to do your own thing, do whatever feels right for you. 

It’s a virtual conference, and we’re all practicing social distancing right now, so introverts can exhale a sigh of relief. You definitely won’t be forced to awkwardly hug anybody. 

Q: You say I will leave Finish Strong with sales rolling in, and more money flowing in my bank account! C’mon. Is that really gonna happen? Seems unrealistic. 

Finish Strong is a 2-day conference. 

A lot can happen in 2 days. Or even 2 minutes. 

For instance, one well-written email can lead to a lucrative client booking. You send the email. You hear back. They say, “Yes!” And just like that, an extra $3,000 flows into your life. Boom!

When you choose a specific goal (like earning more money) and you spend 2 full days intensely focused on this goal, a lot can happen. Quickly.

We are 100% confident that whatever amount of money you invest to purchase your ticket, you will rapidly earn it all back plus (at least) 10x more. 

Q: I sell physical products—like jewelry or books—not services. Will I learn useful things at Fill It?

Finish Strong is strongly focused on how to sell services and service-based offerings—like a program, workshop, retreat, seminar, or community. For instance: life coaching services, personal training services, tickets to a wellness retreat, a class about meditation, an online membership community for new moms, and so on.

If you sell products rather than services, you’ll definitely learn great things at Finish Strong—like how to create systems to follow up with leads. In your case, a “lead” might be a boutique that’s interested in carrying your products rather than a client who’s interested in hiring you. But the same basic principles apply. 

Q: I have another question that’s not addressed here!

Email us: